05 December, 2011

God-Given Potential ::An Introduction to Whole Hearted Prayer::

It's 10:00pm and I should be setting down my Bible and I should be hitting the pillow. My eyes are red, my belly is empty (because I filled it with garbage) and I am restless in my spirit. After a bout of stomach flu and a week of stretching myself thin, I decided to have a "me night".

I am grinning and shaking my head at myself right now. The irony. Isn't it interesting how to "reward" myself for this uphill climb of changing our diet for the better, I am going to punish my body. One hot dog in the belly and a second one (which I couldn't bring myself to eat) in the garbage. After which I consumed a hash brown and washed it down with a mouthful of sugar-free diet coke which had been left behind by a guest. This entire meal challenges every fibre of common sense. I can't call it a meal. I take it back. This lapse of judgement breaks every rule for eating in a way that glorifies God, and now I can see just how much I can be impacted by what I eat based on how I am feeling physically but especially mentally. I am restless and feel down.

After my feast what did I do? I decided to read about parenting. I am all for making educated decisions. I agree wholeheartedly that breast is best, cloth over disposable, etc. etc. But L is formula fed (I will be blogging about our breastfeeding experiences and our local public health department later). I had 2 ultrasounds during my pregnancy. I gave birth in a hospital and I had an epidural. I did what I did with the small amount of knowledge I had and out of the panic and uncertainty of a mom experiencing a first birth... but as I read I have felt so condemned. Do we get vaccines? Do we introduce this food or that? Did we filter the water enough? What detergent do I use? Where did my clothes come from? What are my pots and pans made of? And given all of this, will my son be autistic? Will he have ADHD? Will he be sickly?

Every day I am washed with a wave of the next thing I need to be careful of. I feel overwhelmed. I feel inadequate. I feel lost and am left with this sinking feeling that I am losing a battle to give my family the best start. But NO. I renounce that in JESUS name. Me, my son and my husband will live in glorious God-given health because my Jesus is big enough. I need to do my best and I need to be educated but where my best falls short, I need to stop worrying and I need to trust that the Lord is bigger than environmental toxins, carcinogens, mental disorders and anything else of concern today. I'm not talking "eat a big mac and pray I don't get fat" kind of thing. I'm talking about hard working and plugged-in parents, doing what we can and feeling pressured to do more and to do it better. Are you following me? Have you felt like this?

And so where my energy and my resource and my knowledge runs short, I lift my arms in desperation to the One who can do it. I reach upward to the One who has numbered all of our days, who snuffs out sickness and disease and who is waiting to bring me and my family into the fullness of all He has for His human creation.

Our journey to meet our God-given potential begins with acknowledging God's power.

To move with God's power I need to pray in God's power. For this, I need my whole heart. I need to be focused, I need to pray expecting to see the results and I need to pray persistently.

Friends, I invite you to listen to this message by Mel Bond. This message has helped me to pray more effectively. I'm not endorsing Mel Bond - just this particular message. Let this post be an introduction to my first look at God-Given Potential.

And with that, I am going to get off of my couch and snuggle in next to my sweetie for a good night's sleep.

25 September, 2011

God-Given Potential

After a lot of prayer, discussion and attending a few lectures and meetings run from various places we are ready to take the full plunge into what we believe is the way the Lord has intended us to live. I speak specifically for Joe and I, but we also have felt the Lord's leading to make it a family mission to engage others in this journey as well. He designed us. He has a plan for us, not just in spirit but in body.

We need our bodies to be functioning at 100% in order to experience and accomplish all that he has for us, and 100% doesn't just mean no symptoms. It means being looking down the road and seeing a healthy self at age 70, 80, 90. 85% of North Americans will either die of cancer or heart disease. 85%! Being a mom has made me ask an important question: Is the way I am living setting me and my family up to be part of the 85% or part of the 15?

I look forward to discussing this with all of you.. all two of you maybe? hah. Even if one person reads, I'll be happy. Please stay tuned as I begin this new series.. Complete with the resources my family has discovered and with confessions along the way-- sharing truthfully how all of this is going for us as we implement some much needed change.

07 September, 2011


So, from time to time (every few days) I take a gander at a few of the blogs that my friends keep. Not five minutes ago I logged onto WildOatsandSugar to exclaim "come ON MamaOat.. get moving and give me something else to read!" Immediately afterwards I paid my own blog a visit to discover that I'm a filthy hypocrite and that I haven't posted in over a month myself. That said, here I am and I'd like to discuss "autumnizing", which is the act of preparing ones home for the cold months while the weather is still warm enough to spend long periods of time outside.

My "autumnizing checklist":
  • Sorting through the summer clothes and packing them away
  • Cleaning our windows, inside and out
  • Purging-- finally dropping that growing pile off at the donation store and then starting the second lap around the house to pack away any unnecessary visual noise (will be blogging about visual noise in a few days.)
  • Cleaning our oven and kitchen cupboards.. getting rid of any unnecessary kitchen clutter
  • Organizing our front all closet
  • Tilling and mixing compost into the soil for next year's veggie garden
  • Cutting back our perennials
That's the start.. What do you do?

06 August, 2011

God is.

For one reason or another I haven't written in a while. To be honest, there is not a whole lot to share right now other than times continue to be tough financially speaking but our Lord is faithful.

12 July, 2011

"On a picnic we will go for it's summertime you know, and we love to spend our Sundays in the park!"

It's birthday time for me! I'm 26. Considering myself a year older isn't as weird as usual because in a case of extreme pregnancy/baby brain, I forgot my age and so I've mistakenly been telling people I'm 26 for the last several months. It wasn't until yesterday until Joe said, "Woah! You're going to be 26." To which I replied, "Wait a minute. How old am I?" That's when I realized I'd been misleading people. I'm sure I'm not the first this has happened to. Right?... Anybody?

Whether I'm 6 or 26, one thing remains the same: My love for picnics. The original plan had been to get a sitter, go on a picnic and then go canoeing. The threatening rain clouds and our tired & sorry selves put a damper on those plans. Instead, we went as a family for a shorter picnic at a lovely garden just south of us. Afterwards, we brought baby home and while our neighbour kept watch, hubby and I went for a bike ride on the new bike I got for my birthday!

Oh. And Charlie came too. :)

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